Happy Halloween!

Dear friends,

This year we’ve seriously prepared for the Halloween celebration. And now our team is ready to introduce you a number of pleasant surprises:
  • Special offer: doubling of all purchased coins
  • New stickers (and for GnomeNations as well)
  • Limited gifts collection
  • Bonuses for creative broadcastings
Get more details:
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Monthly Updates

Hi there!

It's been quite a while since the last publication, but don't think that we have been idle ;) I will now tell you about the best and most important updates for the month. Here goes!

Editing Profile
Profile editing is now available directly from the app; you can upload an avatar, change your name or age all in the same place.

The chat module was completely rewritten; the server was partially moved to a new more stable and effective platform. Our favorite Videochat should work even better now.

Friends have been replaced by Subscribers. Now, to save someone you like, you don't need to wait for Friendship Confirmation. A List of Subscribers has been added.

Coming Soon
We will make a list of your subscribers and a list of broadcast viewers for mobile phones available very shortly.

Gifts in a New Light

Hi there!

Let me tell you about the latest upgrade – it has truly welcome options.

New Gifts Display

We will no longer display the gifts over the broadcast – we now have a separate window to do that.

The gifts will no longer distract from talking and they are easier to view. The new display makes it possible to view gifts from any user; in addition, the system load has gone down and that means the application will run faster.

Selling Gifts

That’s right, you didn’t dream it – we really did bring back the option to sell gifts you don’t need for 50% of their price.

Markers on a Line

  • Sounds – now, when you press buttons, when windows pop up, or you get incoming messages, you can have a sound signal;
  • Cats – two new stickers have been added to the basic set;
  • Personal menu – now, when you click on your Nickname, you will see a short menu; there are only two items in it for now, but there are sure to be more in the future;

You can already try all this, we hope you’ll like it! See you in the application ;)

Referral affiliate links

Referral system as an additional partner incomeDear partners and users of Master Tigra projects! We have recently updated our partner program with a full-fledged referral system for partners who place our applications.

Today, we are glad to present a new type of partner program – referral links. The Master Tigra partner program became easier and more accessible for every user.

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Update: Contacts, message removal and flags

Dear friends!

We continue to make the best video broadcasting service in the world.
First, we owe you an apology. This time, the update wasn’t as good as we expected. Shortly after release, the server experienced a drastic slowdown, and our developers spent an entire night looking into this issue. Although fixing a live server is extremely difficult, we managed to identify the problem and fix it. Hooray!
Now let’s go back to the description of the update.

List of contacts

You may occasionally meet a person online whom you like and with whom you share some common interests and ideas. And then somebody distracts you, the chat history goes up and you lose this connection, which is sad. We decided to fix it.
From now on, when you send a message to someone, this person is added to the list of your contacts and is stored on your device. This list is available in the personal area of the app. For your convenience, the right panel in the general chat window now shows both your friends and your recent contacts.

List of contacts in a video chat

Removing messages in a chat

We also found this problem: chat rooms are visited by “trolls” who can drop in and write a lot of nonsense, and this nonsense will remain in your room even if you ban that user or deny them access to your room. You can now remove messages in chat rooms by clicking a cross icon next to them. We hope it will make your chat experience more comfortable and positive.

Removing message in a video chat


Self-expression and patriotism are a part of our lives. You can now show a beautiful flag in broadcasts and show the rest that your country is no small thing for you.

Flag of Russia in a broadcast on faminta.com

Flag of the U.S. in a broadcast on faminta.com

Flag of Ukraine in a broadcast on faminta.com