API for getting the properties of all «Gnome Nations» buildings

Public API method for getting the properties of all «Gnome Nations» buildingsWe are starting to work on the openness of our applications and will do our best to make them suitable for the creation of external services that may be useful for users of our and our partners’ applications and sites. That is why we will be working on a public API available for free and providing the most useful and popular methods meeting the goals we pursue with our projects.

First of all, we will provide access to a very simple, and yet very useful API method for obtaining the characteristics and properties of all «Gnome Nations» game buildings used by default on all «Gnome Nations» game servers (maps).

Getting an up-to-date list of available structures and their properties is very easy – just send an HTTP request:

The HTTP postback will contain an array in the JSON format containing a list of buildings.

With up-to-date information about the cost, construction time, strength, produced resources, size and other characteristics of game buildings, you can implement various useful services for you and other «Gnome Nations» fans: game process calculators, catalogs and a lot more.

We created a new wiki section dedicated to the Master Tigra team’s API commands in a special GitHub repository. We will be posting details on all public API methods there. You can also contribute to the documentation and we’ll be glad to see fixes and additions made by our users.


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