Benefits of the Affiliate Program

CPS 30% from «Master Tigra»In this article we will present a detailed review of main advantages and opportunities of the partner program of «Master Tigra» team.

The main beneficial conditions for partners (website owners) from using the partner program of «Master Tigra» team is that regardless of the application, partner receives 30 percent of the payments in applications (model CPC/PPS). In addition to this pleasant condition of cooperation, each application provides its own advantages, opportunities and conditions to the partner.

Our applications enhance entertainment features and attractiveness of any project, and enable our partners to attract additional audience, significantly increase the time users spend on the website and positively effect conversion and return indicators.

Hosting any application of our team, you as a partner, specify your partner identification number (RID) in the hosting code. Using this identification number, application identifies a partner in payments from users and transfers 30% of our team's income to the balance of the appropriate partner. Partner receives a guaranteed 30% of the payments over the life of the application hosted by the partner.

Hosting the application «Gnome Nations», you get the opportunity to entertain the users of your resource with an exciting multiplayer game as well as receive other opportunities and conditions specific for game applications.

By hosting the applications «FlirtyMania» and «Reality Show», you will add excellent entertainment sections to your website, which are presented in video and text chats that allow your users to spend their time and interesting and pleasant manner: meet other people, communicate, play, gain popularity by making their own shows, vote for other participants and a lot more. Each application is unique, it has its own specifics and is interesting in its own way.

In addition, with «Reality Show» and «Gnome Nations» application, you get the opportunity to host your own game server with individual game map or video chat and administrative panel. Or you can select any other game server without administrative panel but with all other options. List of multiple application servers can be found in personal partner office.

At the moment participation in partner program is absolutely free of charge and requires only minimum technical knowledge from the partners that allow him/her to host the application of «Master Tigra» on his/her resource. On fee basis is offered only separate individual application servers, they have a little fee but it is easily covered by partner rewards (PPS).

We make sure that it is very easy, convenient and profitable for our partners to cooperate with us and host our applications on partner resources. Therefore, we are not going to be limited by just one way of application hosting — using a special HTML-code (JS Cramer), which is always available in personal partner office. This is how website owners working with Joomla! and Bitrix platforms, already can use our modules adopted for this system, which can be easily found in extension catalogs of these platforms.

We also working on the possibility of using the partner program without technical knowledge and the need to host the application on partner own websites.


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