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Video chat rules

Dear friends!
If you have come to this chat with positive vibes, like to talk with people and are open to new connections, the time you spend here will definitely be worthwhile. Turn your webcams on, create broadcasts and meet new friends, experience new emotions, laugh and talk, talk, talk.

For those who don’t get it
Sorry, but …

This is not an erotic chat, and not Chatroulette. Nobody shows their genitals here. Go fap to some other place, there are no teen nymphos here.

We don’t like cuss words either, so even if you write f@ck, we will be offended by your language.

Online anonymity does not give you a right to be a moron. We don’t like Nazis, potheads, pedophiles, trolls and all other types of undead. If you are on the evil side, move on, you are not welcome here.

We don’t like spam as well. If someone needs something, they just go and google for it. No one needs your ads in the chat.

Don’t offend the administration, we work 24/7 to let you have fun. We are also humans.

More details in the agreement

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P.S. Naked breasts are not porn and don’t break any rules. Let’s not be prudes.

Notice: Suspension Fines

Dear friends,

As you requested, we have refined our system of fines. Each fine now has a suspension equivalent. Instead of paying the fine, you can choose to simply wait out the suspension. The suspension's duration depends on the seriousness of the violation. For example, foul language may result in a suspension of several hours, while actively promoting drug use may mean a suspension of several months. The option remains to simply pay the fine, and the suspension will immediately be lifted.

P.S. Old fines that have expired are no longer valid.

Interact positively, and have a nice day!