The most interesting changes in affiliate program [January-February 2014]

Affiliate program «Master Tigra» CPS 30%I greet all our partners on behalf of the whole «Master Tigra» team. We have not shared any partner programme news and updates with you for a long time. We listened to your wishes and demands, solved your issues and problems, and, in the meantime, we were building a new partner programme which will satisfy and solve many painful issues and problems.

Today we are happy to present to you everything that we have made. It is still as simple to become our partner and use our affiliate programme as before, however, the current partner programme offers wider capabilities and satisfies much higher demands. Let us review the most interesting changes in order.

Increased income opportunity (CPS 30%)

Now you have an opportunity to receive more income through partner programme. We have increased partner reward percentages from 20% to 30% for all partner programme payments (CPC/PPS model). Increased income means more chances and opportunities for you to develop your own project.

Free choice of application servers

The second update will be useful to many — each partner now has an option to choose a particular server for the application. As before, it is possible to place as many applications as one wishes, with an additional option to choose the application server. The percentage of partner rewards does not depend on the chosen application and application server.

Previously, it was only possible to place applications on general videochat «Vanilla Show» servers and it was impossible to choose individual «Vanilla Show» partner servers with new placement code (JS Cramer). Now, everyone will have an option to choose between different application servers and place an individual partner video-chat «Vanilla Show».

It was different with application «Gnome Nations» — partners could start only individual game servers (maps) for «Gnome Nations». Now, everyone will have an option to choose between different official servers and individual partner servers of «Gnome Nations».

Application «FlirtyMania», as before, is not divided into servers and it is impossible and is not planned in future to use other servers.

For your convenience, the personal office of the partner displays choice options for «Vanilla Show» and «Gnome Nations» servers. New placement code (JS Cramer) has a special parameter «server» in which the identification information of the upload server can be entered. More information on how to use this parameter can be found in documentation on «JS Cramer».

Fee-based servers

Individual partner servers for applications have become fee-based. However, the determined fee is most humble: for «Vanilla Show» it is 300 roubles per month and 400 roubles per month for «Gnome Nations». Each partner will be able to make back this minimal fee three times (and much more) if the placed application is in high demand by users.

This update, maybe, will be a not very pleasant surprise for some of the partners. However, it will allow us to pay for reliable and powerful hardware resources for your own servers and allow us to offer more possibilities through the choice of individual servers. We have extended all individual server subscriptions for two months to allow you to gradually adapt to the new scheme and accumulate the necessary sum and will to develop your own application.

Each server subscription can be extended for one month or several months through the partner's personal office. Payments for severs can be made through your partner's balance. If your balance has insufficient funds, you will be offered an option to transfer the required sum through payment system.

In cases when the paid server time has ended, a special warning form with an option to extend the server rent time will be displayed instead of the application. In this case, not only the partner — owner of the particular server, but any other user, interested in this application server, will be able to pay for the server.

Fee-based server subscription

To help you to ensure that the server works without any interruptions, we have implemented an automated server subscription option. You will be able to easily subscribe for the server in your personal office as well as to cancel the subscription at any time. Subscription will ensure that your server will be automatically paid for each month from your partner's balance. Of course, if the balance has sufficient funds.


As it was mentioned before, not only the owner of the partner's server will be able to pay for it, but also any user of the application will be able to pay for the server. However, this is not all for our crowd sourcing opportunities for partner's applications.

This year we have added an option to «Leave a tip» for each user of «Master Tigra» services. By using this service, the users of your application will be able to collectively fund your project. Now you have an instrument that will help you to lift your project to a new level by getting rid of financial problems. It will be particularly useful during the complicated beginning stages of the project. Tips can be collected not only to pay for the server, but also for the general development of your project or to develop a particular «feature». Beautifully describe the importance of collective financial help to your project and start lifting your projects to new levels right now.

PayPal payments

To allow users from different countries to use our partner programme we have resigned from «Yandex.Money» service and now we are using a much more reliable and sophisticated international payment service «PayPal». From now on payouts can be made only to PayPal accounts. You will have to indicate your PayPal account e-mail address when requesting a payout.

Locale app

The next update will become particularly useful for international partner websites and websites in languages different from Russian. From now on, it is possible to indicate “Locale” parameter as default in the code of the application placement. Locale — a parameter that determines user's language preferences (user interface language, character set, etc.). More information about how to use this parameter can be found in documentation on «JS Cramer».

Guest accounts

In addition, we have added an option to all partner's agreements to enter without registration and login stages. It allows users to become members of the project faster and allows them to become acquainted with it immediately. Registration and login stages are not mandatory, users can use these stages when they are dragged in by the application. For you, the partners, it will produce more conversions from new users and, therefore, it will result in a greater number of paying customers.


All these updates to the partner programme were possible not without your help. We do not intend to stop and we will continue to improve the partner programme. It is important for us to know your wishes for the future development and arising issues. We are always happy and hope for a productive and interesting cooperation!


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