Discounted 1-year server rental

Rent the «Vanilla Show» and «Gnome Nations» servers of apps with a 50% discountRent a private of partner server for a year and get 50% off.

Partners now have two additional rental renewal buttons in their personal partner office: «Renew by 1 month» and «Renew by 1 year (-50%)». These buttons enable the owners of dedicated «Vanilla Show» and «Gnome Nations» application servers to renew their server rent period by 1 month and 1 year, accordingly.

The 1-year option is more cost-efficient and convenient, since it offers an instant 50% discount and saves clients the trouble of having to renew the service on a monthly basis.

Automatic renewals of server rental subscriptions will always take place using the standard monthly rate of a particular application.

In the future, we will try to add a convenient method of paying for an application server for users who do not own the server before the expiry of the rental period, as well as a possibility to pay for a year with a 50% discount. Stay tuned and watch for updates in the blog of the partnership program, post feedback and improvement suggestions.


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