Happy Halloween!

Dear friends,

This year we’ve seriously prepared for the Halloween celebration. And now our team is ready to introduce you a number of pleasant surprises:
  • Special offer: doubling of all purchased coins
  • New stickers (and for GnomeNations as well)
  • Limited gifts collection
  • Bonuses for creative broadcastings
Get more details:

1. Doubling coins
Between «Trick or Treat» we always choose the «Trick» :) and launch special Offer of doubling all purchased coins.

Additional bonus for Android FlirtyMania users: in today's update you’ll finally be able to make purchases up to $ 399.99.

2. New stickers
Oh, to be honest: all developers crew is delighted to our new limited collection of Stickers. And we hope that you will like it as much. Here it is.

Special bonus for our gamers: all collections of stylized stickers are now available for GnomeNations as well.

And one additional remark: Halloween stickers and gifts are commercially available only for a limited offer time. So, we recommend stock up for future use.

3. Gifts
Things to do in Halloween are: to conjure or to guard oneself! If you want to be prepared for the any kind of Halloween's leisure then get bewitching and cursing Voodoo Dolls or order talisman Rabbit's foot. Here they are:

And yes, You will get Reputation bonus for all Halloween gifts in VanillaShow. Seize the chance to take double benefit!

Senior Dr Doolittle is now available for GnomeNations users. He repairs buildings twice effective. You can get Senior Doctor only for pumpkins. Cuz Doctor was «born» on the All Hallows' Eve.

4. Bonuses
And the most pleasant news: FlirtyMania crew will give bonuses for all thematic Halloween broadcastings! Be prepared! Most creative guys will definitely get gifts from our moderation.

Have fun!
Master Tigra


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