Making Purchases Using an Affiliate Account

Pay for digital goods at «Master Tigra» projects from the affiliate accountWe have added the ability to pay for digital goods at the «Master Tigra» team's projects, directly from the balance on the domestic affiliate account.

Affiliates and users of the «Master Tigra» team's projects can now pay for all kinds of purchases using funds on their personal affiliate accounts. If an affiliate account balance has enough funds to make a specific payment, the payment method page will include «Pay using domestic affiliate account — Master Tigra». Selecting this item will automatically make a payment without charging any extra fees.

Currently, making any payments using an affiliate account will be available in all «Master Tigra» team's web apps and apps placed by affiliates, except for apps placed in app catalogs and social networks.

Payments made with partner funds are taken into account in calculating partner compensation PPS (Pay-per-Sale) — such payments, as all others, incur 30% CPS. Because of it, purchasing for partners is more profitable than ever.

Please send us your feedback and suggestions about our service. If you have any payment errors or problems, send the detailed info to our support.


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