Referral system as partner's additional income

Referral system for parners of «Master Tigra» team«Master Tigra» team's projects have made it possible to launch the new reward system for partners who invite new users through the apps they had placed. How does this system work? A user's account saves a partner's identifier (RID) whose app is attended by the user.

Now partners will receive income in the following cases:
  • CPS 30% from all purchases made ​​by any users within the app placed by the partner, provided that his «RID» parameter is a correct partner's identifier. It works exactly as before.
  • CPS 30% from all purchases made ​​within any non-partner apps, provided that the user has been invited to «Master Tigra» projects through the app placed by the partner whose «RID» parameter is correct.
  • CPS 30% from the income of our team including such payments as payment of fine, rating purchase and tip payment made by users invited to «Master Tigra» projects through the app placed by the partner whose «RID» parameter is correct.

Partner will receive a guaranteed income from any payments made ​​by users invited by him within «Master Tigra» team's apps placed on any platform. Including apps in social networks, mobile apps for Android and iOS, and any other platform that has «Master Tigra» apps. An important exception are the payments made within apps placed by another partner of our team, that is apps with an identifier of another partner.

The system has been memorizing users invited by partners for a few days now. And CPS charge for users' payments made outside the partner's app has started to work on March 21, 2014 and takes into account the data collected over the past few days.

All new types of payments related to the CPS will be reflected in the payment history in the personal office of each partner.

This innovation allows our partners to get additional income and makes it more efficient, profitable, and important to invite new users to their apps.

We are always pleased to deservedly encourage anyone who helps us, works effectively, and cooperates with our team.


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