Update: Message sending and integration

Vanilla Show - video broadcasting serviceDear friends!

We have slightly improved in-chat message sending to make it more convenient to answer messages while using touch-screen or mouse.

Now, clicking a user name once opens the menu. Clicking the text message will allow to quickly reply. Type of the answer is chosen according to the type of the original message («Whisper», «Shout» or «simple»).

In addition, we have added an option to host Vanilla Show broadcasts from third party applications and watch Vanilla Show on third party players. It allows use of professional instruments to manage broadcasts, ensures better quality broadcasts, and allows use of footages, text and pictures to customize the video broadcasts, embed videos on websites, blogs and more.

To receive necessary links and keys, login into your profile and press «Integration» button. Please, do not share the keys and links with third parties. I will provide instructions in more detail a bit later.

Have a nice day!

P.s. From now on, the broadcasting of images (pictures, photos) and video materials is allowed. However, the broadcast must not violate copyrights for the particular broadcast content. meaning that if you are relaying a TV-channel, movie, music video and so on — the moderator has right to request a proof of rights for this broadcast. In case when the proof of rights is not provided, the broadcast will be shut down. © Vice Squad