Update: Contacts, message removal and flags

Dear friends!

We continue to make the best video broadcasting service in the world.
First, we owe you an apology. This time, the update wasn’t as good as we expected. Shortly after release, the server experienced a drastic slowdown, and our developers spent an entire night looking into this issue. Although fixing a live server is extremely difficult, we managed to identify the problem and fix it. Hooray!
Now let’s go back to the description of the update.

List of contacts

You may occasionally meet a person online whom you like and with whom you share some common interests and ideas. And then somebody distracts you, the chat history goes up and you lose this connection, which is sad. We decided to fix it.
From now on, when you send a message to someone, this person is added to the list of your contacts and is stored on your device. This list is available in the personal area of the app. For your convenience, the right panel in the general chat window now shows both your friends and your recent contacts.

List of contacts in a video chat

Removing messages in a chat

We also found this problem: chat rooms are visited by “trolls” who can drop in and write a lot of nonsense, and this nonsense will remain in your room even if you ban that user or deny them access to your room. You can now remove messages in chat rooms by clicking a cross icon next to them. We hope it will make your chat experience more comfortable and positive.

Removing message in a video chat


Self-expression and patriotism are a part of our lives. You can now show a beautiful flag in broadcasts and show the rest that your country is no small thing for you.

Flag of Russia in a broadcast on faminta.com

Flag of the U.S. in a broadcast on faminta.com

Flag of Ukraine in a broadcast on faminta.com

Update: a viewers list and a chat for foreigners

Dear friends!

We continue to further improve Vanilla Show, our favorite video broadcasting service.

After some of our recent updates, we received a number of comments regarding the importance of a list of viewers in every broadcast. We agree that removing it was a mistake. We enhanced the design, made the list even more convenient and are adding it back today. From now on, your friends with the “online” status will be shown in the general chat, and a list of viewers will be shown in broadcast rooms.

A list of viewers in a Vanilla Show broadcast

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Update: shouts and video broadcasts

Dear friends!
We are hard at work further improving our international video broadcasting service, Vanilla Show.
There was a time when the application allowed users to start a broadcast and watch others’ steams at the same time. It was the key feature of our service. Unfortunately, as they kept chasing design improvements and better atmosphere, our developers got rid of it. Today, we present a new version of the service that brings a lot of minor optimizations, bug fixes and returns the long-awaited function!

Video broadcasting in Vanilla Show

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Update: Video broadcasting Privacy Settings

Dear Friends!

We are committed to improving our world's best video broadcasting service, Vanilla Show. This time we have prepared the following improvements for you.

Most of you are aware of this problem: delusional users often barge in on your stream and start calling names, trolling, and taking all the joy out of your online communication. We have improved the privacy mechanism to protect you against this.

Privacy settings of the Vanilla Show video streaming service

  1. Privacy settings can now be configured for the entire room and not just an individual video stream. It does not matter if your video steam is running or not.
  2. You can now grant access to your room only to your friends and by invitation. Or by invitation only.
  3. From now on, invitations remain valid until the room owner cancels them.
  4. You can view the full list of invited users.
  5. This is free! Coins are no longer charged for private video streams.

This update also improves the dialog boxes for connecting to shows, fixes some bugs, and makes some other minor improvements.

Have a pleasant day and even more pleasant viewers!

P.S. Check out some more screenshots:

Privacy settings of the Vanilla Show video streaming service

A private video stream at Vanilla Show

A private video stream at Vanilla Show

Big Update

Hi there!

Nothing else than a big update has happened to Flirtymania today! And here I’m going to tell you exactly what has changed in our favorite app. =)

New Levels

It hasn't been a secret to us that the most active party people have reached the highest possible level long ago. Guess what? We've finally upgraded them. Three new levels were added for you! Also three more are soon to come. =)

status and Private Calls

Speaking of a main feature, this update brings the VIP status, owners of which can make private calls.

To make a private call, just click a respective icon in the user menu.

Private and public chat — what's the difference?
  • There are no rounds at private chats;
  • All messages sent within a private chat are visible to its members only;

How does this work?
If you accept a private call, your audience stays in the broadcast, and they will keep chatting in the same room, while your partner and you will get a separate chat room only visible to you. Your broadcasts disappear from the showbill, the video is only visible to you and your partner. If you accept a non-private incoming call, your broadcast becomes public and your audience who stayed in your room will be able to see you and send you messages using the chat. If your partner disconnects, your broadcast automatically becomes public.

Apart from visible changes, internal app processes have been optimized.
I hope you like what we've done. Stay tuned for new gifts and new levels ;)
Try, it's free.

Setting up free video broadcast via Vanilla Show

Vanilla Show is a professional video broadvasting service.

The service allows you to create a broadcast, a webinar or a presentation for a broad audience.

  1. No restrictions on the number of viewers. Support of public and private broadcasts. You can open access to a limited number of people.
  2. Make money on your own broadcasts. Viewers can leave you tips that you can cash out at any moment. Learn more.
  3. You can run an advertising campaign to bring more viewers to your broadcast. This can be done for free if your rating is high enough.
  4. You can broadcast videos from third-party (professional) applications, including mobile ones. Learn more.
  5. We provide full access to the video stream. And you can publish your broadcasts on other sites.

Try for free!

How to make money with video broadcasting

Imagine not having to go to work, being free to work from home whenever you want. Sound to good to be true? Now you can, with video broadcasting service — Vanilla Show!

If you've got talent, if you have a good sense of humor, if you know how to carry on a conversation and entertain your audience, you need to start your own show. Your channel's viewers can show their appreciation by leaving you tips, which you can then trade in for cash on your dashboard.

No, you don't need to take your clothes off or anything like that. All you need to do is start hosting interesting shows, report news, sing, give advice, or hold webinars or trainings, and you're certain to find an appreciative audience.

If you've decided to try making money with video broadcasting, here are a few simple tips to help get you started:

  1. Try to look appealing. These are the video broadcasts that draw the most viewers. Pay attention to background, camera angle, and proper lighting.
  2. Your broadcast's description should describe what you're offering. For example, «Consulting for Tips», «Songs Requests for Tips», etc. Advertise your services from time to time.
  3. Make sure you have a high-quality webcam and a reliable internet connection.
  4. Interact frequently with your viewers, and stay online as long as possible.
  5. Several hours before you begin, announce your broadcast on faminta.com. State the time and provide a link.

It's not hard at all! Just turn on your webcam, begin your broadcast, and start making money. Good luck in your work, and happy earnings!

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