Technical works (13/10/2016)

Dear partners and users of partner applications. We would like to inform you about the conduct of the planned technical works with servers of partners: video chats Vanilla Show and game maps Gnome Nations. Servers of partners will moving to a more convenient and reliable house — new data center are already waiting they with more powerful hardware stuffing to improve performance.

Technical work will start 13.10.2016 at 6:00 am EDT. We will try to finish the work as quickly as possible;)

API for getting the properties of all «Gnome Nations» buildings

Public API method for getting the properties of all «Gnome Nations» buildingsWe are starting to work on the openness of our applications and will do our best to make them suitable for the creation of external services that may be useful for users of our and our partners’ applications and sites. That is why we will be working on a public API available for free and providing the most useful and popular methods meeting the goals we pursue with our projects.

What are the benefits of an API? →

Update: Bandit Castle

bandit castleDear friends!

To add variety to the your gaming and take band rivalry to a new level, we have decided to revisit the logic of how bands are formed and expanded. Now in order to create a band you must construct a «Bandit Castle». The greater the level of your castle, the more vacancies your band will have. Remember that if you sell or destroy your «Bandit Castle» your band will be disbanded. Unfortunately there is no way to retain the current number of vacancies in bands. However, to ease the transition to the new system, for 10 days we are offering you the chance to construct a castle of any level immediately.