Tips for video chat

For comfortable communication over your webcam, please use headphones. They will help cancel out noise and echo.

Fines are only given for pornography, nudity and erotic scenes are allowed in the chat. Wikipedia will help you tell the difference between the two.

Don’t be shy and ask for tips for your performances. Every kind of work must be paid for.

If you like somebody’s performance, don’t be greedy and leave a tip. It may be an insignificant amount for you, but probably their only source of income supporting their creativity.

Don’t try to cheat the voting system using multiple accounts. We keep an eye on that and will give you a fine if we catch you doing that.

Masturbation on camera is prohibited. You will be fined immediately. The vice police never sleep.

The best way to get noticed is to give a gift.

Ask people to vote for your show. The higher the round, the more coins you’ll get.

If you are offended by a member’s behavior, you can simply ban them.

Any member can ban or punish you for offensive behavior. Stay positive!

The vice policy can fine you for obscenities, spamming or advertising.

Your show will get more exposure if you specify its topic.

Take part in royal elections, this is a chance to win on bets and see the member you like proclaimed as king.

When you give people gifts, you make them happy and improve your account rating.

Use of drugs and other illegal substances may result in your being fined and your account being blocked.