Should they add more mods to stop the pedophiles or add an age required to this chat?

I see way too many kids on here. No problem with the kids. Big problem with the pervs showing them their penises or asking them to get naked. That is just not right. If the admins won't do anything about it, I m sure the law will.

The most interesting changes in affiliate program [January-February 2014]

Affiliate program «Master Tigra» CPS 30%I greet all our partners on behalf of the whole «Master Tigra» team. We have not shared any partner programme news and updates with you for a long time. We listened to your wishes and demands, solved your issues and problems, and, in the meantime, we were building a new partner programme which will satisfy and solve many painful issues and problems.
Let us review the most interesting changes in order →

Setting up free video broadcast via Vanilla Show

Vanilla Show is a professional video broadvasting service.

The service allows you to create a broadcast, a webinar or a presentation for a broad audience.

  1. No restrictions on the number of viewers. Support of public and private broadcasts. You can open access to a limited number of people.
  2. Make money on your own broadcasts. Viewers can leave you tips that you can cash out at any moment. Learn more.
  3. You can run an advertising campaign to bring more viewers to your broadcast. This can be done for free if your rating is high enough.
  4. You can broadcast videos from third-party (professional) applications, including mobile ones. Learn more.
  5. We provide full access to the video stream. And you can publish your broadcasts on other sites.

Try for free!

Technical works (13/10/2016)

Dear partners and users of partner applications. We would like to inform you about the conduct of the planned technical works with servers of partners: video chats Vanilla Show and game maps Gnome Nations. Servers of partners will moving to a more convenient and reliable house — new data center are already waiting they with more powerful hardware stuffing to improve performance.

Technical work will start 13.10.2016 at 6:00 am EDT. We will try to finish the work as quickly as possible;)

Update: Bandit Castle

bandit castleDear friends!

To add variety to the your gaming and take band rivalry to a new level, we have decided to revisit the logic of how bands are formed and expanded. Now in order to create a band you must construct a «Bandit Castle». The greater the level of your castle, the more vacancies your band will have. Remember that if you sell or destroy your «Bandit Castle» your band will be disbanded. Unfortunately there is no way to retain the current number of vacancies in bands. However, to ease the transition to the new system, for 10 days we are offering you the chance to construct a castle of any level immediately.

Referral system as partner's additional income

Referral system for parners of «Master Tigra» team«Master Tigra» team's projects have made it possible to launch the new reward system for partners who invite new users through the apps they had placed. How does this system work? A user's account saves a partner's identifier (RID) whose app is attended by the user.

Now partners will receive income in the following cases → →

Big Update

Hi there!

Nothing else than a big update has happened to Flirtymania today! And here I’m going to tell you exactly what has changed in our favorite app. =)

New Levels

It hasn't been a secret to us that the most active party people have reached the highest possible level long ago. Guess what? We've finally upgraded them. Three new levels were added for you! Also three more are soon to come. =)

status and Private Calls

Speaking of a main feature, this update brings the VIP status, owners of which can make private calls.

To make a private call, just click a respective icon in the user menu.

Private and public chat — what's the difference?
  • There are no rounds at private chats;
  • All messages sent within a private chat are visible to its members only;

How does this work?
If you accept a private call, your audience stays in the broadcast, and they will keep chatting in the same room, while your partner and you will get a separate chat room only visible to you. Your broadcasts disappear from the showbill, the video is only visible to you and your partner. If you accept a non-private incoming call, your broadcast becomes public and your audience who stayed in your room will be able to see you and send you messages using the chat. If your partner disconnects, your broadcast automatically becomes public.

Apart from visible changes, internal app processes have been optimized.
I hope you like what we've done. Stay tuned for new gifts and new levels ;)
Try, it's free.