Technical works (13/10/2016)

Dear partners and users of partner applications. We would like to inform you about the conduct of the planned technical works with servers of partners: video chats Vanilla Show and game maps Gnome Nations. Servers of partners will moving to a more convenient and reliable house — new data center are already waiting they with more powerful hardware stuffing to improve performance.

Technical work will start 13.10.2016 at 6:00 am EDT. We will try to finish the work as quickly as possible;)

Happy Halloween!

Dear friends,

This year we’ve seriously prepared for the Halloween celebration. And now our team is ready to introduce you a number of pleasant surprises:
  • Special offer: doubling of all purchased coins
  • New stickers (and for GnomeNations as well)
  • Limited gifts collection
  • Bonuses for creative broadcastings
Get more details:
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Happy New Year!

Hello Everybody!
On behalf of the team that works to create FlirtyMania, I would like to wish you a happy New Year!

The year flew by. In our attempts to make our application better and easier to use, we continually thought up new things, uploaded updates and carefully tracked the responses of you, our friends. Some files had to be discarded, others were improved upon (you can read more in detail in older publications of this blog). We laid a good foundation for further development.

Let's go!
The holidays are rapidly approaching. To keep up the new year's mood, we are launching a double-your-coins campaign. If you haven't seen them yet, hurry over to check out our new year's stickers and gifts. We tried =)

Monthly Updates

Hi there!

It's been quite a while since the last publication, but don't think that we have been idle ;) I will now tell you about the best and most important updates for the month. Here goes!

Editing Profile
Profile editing is now available directly from the app; you can upload an avatar, change your name or age all in the same place.

The chat module was completely rewritten; the server was partially moved to a new more stable and effective platform. Our favorite Videochat should work even better now.

Friends have been replaced by Subscribers. Now, to save someone you like, you don't need to wait for Friendship Confirmation. A List of Subscribers has been added.

Coming Soon
We will make a list of your subscribers and a list of broadcast viewers for mobile phones available very shortly.